18 Mai 1803

L'union fait la force

Je parle Haïti. Je respire Haïti. Je porte Haïti. Ayiti koule nan venn mwen. Ayiti kouri anba po m. Drapo m se fyète m. Drapo m se koulè san m. Drapo m se idantite m. Mwen ale avè l tout kote m pase. Bleu et rouge. Mwen Ayisyen epi mwen fyè. Nou soti lwen. Nap rive pi lwen toujou. Mèsi Toussaint, mèsi Dessalines, mèsi Petion, mèsi Catherine Flon. Grenadiers! A l'assaut!


Couleur Café

Because every piece of art tells a story...

No matter what you want, you will be satisfied.



Best art works without breaking the bank


Acrylic on Canvas


Once you start adding Couleur Café products in your life, you’ll be totally hooked. No matter where you place them, our high-quality products will be the source of endless inspiration.


Marabou, bèl fanm Kreyòl $80

We carry a huge selection of painted clothes for women, men and children.


From $30

Whether you’re a man, a woman or a child, you'll find the perfect pair of sandals in our selection.


From $12

Feeling Queen? Then you're at the right place. Clip on or pierced, we've got you covered.



For a party or a photoshoot, your bracelet will be the star of the event.

Envelope women purse


Our selection of women purses coming in different colors is the perfect gift for you or your loved ones. 

Fanm Solèy two-piece dress


Honoring the Haitian heritage


From $20

A scarf is a beautiful accessory for a lady, however a painted scarf is the cherry on the cake! 

Queen Boss dress


Queens have a dress code 

"Myèl la" top


Un mélange de tourisme et d'histoire d'Haïti 

About Couleur Café

Art is food for the soul

Couleur Café opened as a basic Gift Shop offering just a small sample of products. However, as time went on, we developed a reputation in the community.

Since then, we’ve increased our product selection and now we have different choices for every taste. We’ve also become the only store that has painted clothes about Haitian culture. We have a large selection of clothing and accessories, as well as painting on canvas for all Haïti lovers.


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Couleur Café

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